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MADPCB is a professional PCB Manufacturing, PCB Assembly and PCB Design Manufacturer China.
• 2004 Company Established in manufacturing 1-2 layer Printed Circuit Boards.
• 2006 Commited to make 4-8 layer PCB.
• 2008 Manufacturing HDI PCB, impedance controlled PCBs, metal core(Al based, copper based, iron based) PCBs, LED PCBs and etc.
• 2010 Producing prototype PCB board up to 30 layers, and high volume PCBs up to 20 layers.
Producing high frequency PCB with Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Nelco, Isola and etc.
• 2012 Importing PCB assembly equipments to provide electronics pcb assembly services.
Starting to manufacture flexible pcb, rigid-flex pcb and semi-rigid PCB.
• 2013 Establishment of Overseas Trading Department and PCB Layout Design Department.
• 2015 Providing one-stop pcb solurtions service.
We are committed to be a leading reliable and quick-turn PCB and PCBA manufacturer with competitive prices, highest quality and fast response to our customers.