Assembly Services

As a professional electronic manufacturing services (EMS) manufacturer China, with capacity in pcb fabrication, parts

sourcing, design and assembly, our specialty ranges from pcb assembly prototype to mid-volume electronics assembly

project on basis of full turnkey assembly, partial turkey assembly and consignment assembly.

Full Turnkey
MADPCB handles the entire process, including PCB fabrication, components sourcing, pcb board assembly and


Partial Turnkey
Customer supplies selected electronic parts, and MADPCB procures the balance parts, pcb fabrication, pcb assembly and


All electronic parts provided by the customer, and MADPCB handles pcb fabrication, pcb assembly and testing.

Serve 500+ PCBA Customers

With the pcb and pcba manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China since 2004, MADPCB serves 500+ customers all over the world in a variety of industries due to commitment to meet the customer’s specifications, quality, cost considerations and on-time delivery. Every pcb assembly is manufactured in compliance to standards of ISO 9001, RoHS, IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610, which also ensures the product is finished as per environmental and regulatory requirements.

PCB Types We Can Assembly

• Rigid circuit board, Flex circuit board, rigid-flex circuit board.
• Single-sided assembly pcb, double-sided assembly pcb.
• resistor embedded pcb, capacitor embedded pcb, IC embedded pcb.

Electronics Circuit Board Assembly Quality Control

• All products are assembled to comply with IPC-A-610 standards.
• All assembling technicians and inspectors are with skilled experience.
• All PCB produced by ourselves to comply with IPC Class II or III standards upon requirements.
• 100% electric test for all Printed Circuit Boards by flying probe or fixture.
• 100% visual inspection after electronics assembling completion.
• 100% functional test as per documented test procedures.
• 100% all PCBAs cleaning.
• Strict electronic static discharge control.

Files Required

• Gerber files

• Bill of Materials(BOM)

BOM Sample.xlsx

• Pick and Place(Centroid) file

Pick and Place (Centroid) file.txt

• Assembly Drawing

Assembly Drawing Sample

Valid BOM (Bill of Materials)

• Item Number(optional): this is the Line number in excel. Each type electronic component occupies an item line. If the

  part number is the same, just note this once and note the quantity.

• Manufacturer Part Number(required): Part number indicates exact part you want from the manufacturer or a distributor.

• Designator(required): identifies a part on a pcb silkscreen layer. All of the same part number should be in the same excel

  cell, like ‘C03, C15, C16, C88’, ‘R1, R2, R3, R8, R10, R14, R90, R102, R107’...

• QTY/Borad(required): the quantity of such specific part you need per circuit board.

• Vendor(optional): the distributor who supplies the component.

• Vendor Part Number (optional): When the part info is ambiguity, this should be the exact part number as you would

  order it from that distributor

• Value(optional): resistance, capacitance, inductance and etc., and the tolerance.

• Package / Footprint (optional): electronic component standard package size, can be used to redundancy check. Like

  0201, 0805, SOIC8, SOT23-5.

• Part description/ specs(optional): electronic component description by the manufacturer.

• Manufacturer(optional): the name of the part manufacturer. Specify the full name or its well-known abbreviations.

• Remarks (optional): providing some additional information, like part link, picture, turnkey or consigned, whether it can

  suffer chemical cleaning.

PCBA Testing

• In-Circuit Test (ICT)
• Functional Test (FCT)
• IC Programming

Delivery Time

• Delivery Time is the sum of PCB Lead Time, Parts Procedure Time and Assembly Time.
• Lead Time is our printed circuit board manufacturing time, which is differs from the order square meter, layer count,
   PCB material and complexity. (click for
PCB Delivery Time Table)
• Parts Procedure Time is subject to parts stock, whether need importing from abroad, transportation time and etc.
• Assembly Time includes electronic pcb assembly, pcba testing,  pcba cleaning and packaging.