PCB Assembly FAQs

MADPCB SMT manufacturer provides many answers to your Printed Circuit Board Assembly Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) we have received.


Q: What type PCBs do you assemble?

A: MADPCB assembles Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs, Rigid-flex PCBs and semi-flex PCBs.


Q: Do you have Mininum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

A: No MOQ in MADPCB, and we accept only 1piece PCB Assembly order.


Q: What do you need to quote my PCB Assembly Service?

A: Quantity of boards for assembly, Gerber files and BOM are required, and the PNP(pick and place) file, Testing Guide or/and Test Fixtures if necessary.


Q: Can you help us sourcing electronic components?

A: Yes, we can. MADPCB PCBA provides Full Turnkey and Partial Turnkey Assembly services if you want us to purchase components. All components are authorized and reputable.


Q: If I choose partial turnkey or consigned assembly service, will you accept parts in cut-tap and loose format?

A: For prototype PCBA and small batch, it is fine for MADPCB. But please refer our PCB Component Kitting Guidelines.


Q: For partial turnkey and consigned orders, how do you want to receive the parts?

A: Parts individually packaged and labeled with designators. Please contact us to confirm how many spare parts you need to prepare.


Q: Will you ship the unused components to us?

A: Of course, MADPCB will ship them together with your finished PCBAs to you.


Q: Can you produce and provide SMT Stencil?

A: Yes, we can. MADPCB has its own laser-cut machines to make PCB SMT Stencils. If there is no special requirement, the foil default thickness is 0.1mm and with frame. Please refer to our SMT Stencils page for technical information.


Q: What format files do you support to manufacture printed circuit board before assemble PCB?

A: MADPCB prefers Gerber Files (Usually in RS274X Format) and an Excellon Drill Files, but files designed by Altium(DXP), OrCAD, Eagle, Cadence, Protel, PADS, P-CAD 2006, and ODB++ are ok for us, we can convert them into gerber files for free.


Q: What's a valid Bill of Materials (BOM)?

A: A valid BOM generally includes required information, like Component Quantity on a board, Designator, Manufacturer Part No., and some additional optical information, like Item No., Manufacturer, Distributor Part No., Description, Part Type, Package/Footprint and Remarks


Q: What format do you prefer for all necessary files in electronic pcb assembly?

A: BOM in .xls, Gerber files in RS-274-X, Components Position file (Centroid file) in .txt / .csv / .xls and Assembly Drawing in .pdf.


Q: How can I know my PCB Assembly Order Status?

A: MADPCB's Sales will inform you all processing status in our working hours on working days.


Q: I need PCBA prototypes quickly, can you provide quickturn PCB Assembly service?

A: Yes, we can. Please contact sales for details.

Q: What size printed circuit boards can you assemble?

A: Generally, we can assemble printed circuit board with max size 381*508mm and min size 5*5mm. If you need to assemble long LED PCB 1200mm length, please contact sales@madpcb.com.


Q: What are the temperature requirements for lead-free SMT and Thru-hole Assembly?

A: Usually about 30 °C higher than standard tin/lead solder (peak temperatures of 250 °C opposed to 220 °C for tin/lead).


Q: If my PCBs are not high Tg (glass transition temperature), can they bear the 250-280 °C assembly temperature?

A: Yes, they can. Low Tg PCB can bear such high assembly temperature since the SMT and Thru-hole processing period are

not long.


Q: Will every PCBA be tested before shipping?

A: Yes, MADPCB will test all PCBAs as per your instruction, like visual inspection, short and open circuit test, functional testing (if you need).

Q: Do you assembly with RoHS lead free solder paste (tin cream)?

A: Yes, the default solder paste are RoHS lead-free if there is no specific state that assembly PCB with lead.

Q: What manufacturing standards do you build to?

A: MADPCB manufactures PCBAs as per customer's specifications and IPC-A-610 class II and III.

Q: Can you make the same PCBA if I provide you a sample?

A: Yes, we can. MADPCB provides PCB Reverse Engineering Service by which we can re-generate the Gerber files, BOM, Schematics, and extract MCU Code and decrypt IC Program. Then we can produce the same PCBA as per your sample.

Q: How to do you prevent from static discharge?

A: MAD PCB takes a series measurements to prevent the damage may caused by static discharge like belows,

1. Control static electricity environment, workroom temperature and humidity, and keep the workshops clean and tidy.

2. Every worker wears an anti-static wrist strap, clothes and gloves.

3. Packing all electronic components and PCBA in anti-static bag.