Circuit Board FAQs

How to choose surface finish for your circuit board?

  • HASL
    With low cost, good solderability, high reliability and great compatibility, HASL is one of the most popular surface finishes. But the good welding characteristics due to the presence of lead spray tin plate, so you can’t use lead-free process. Otherwise because most do not use this process, it is difficult to get information on the characteristics of the "tin-silver-copper spray tin plate."

  • Gold Plating
    Gold plating is the most expensive lead-free surface finish. But almost all printed circuit boards for high-end electronics devices, which requires high reliability, use this process, especially commonly seen in those PCBs with gold fingers, high frequency pcb with rogers, Nelco, Isola and ect..

  • Immersion Gold
    It is always be used in multi-layer PCB board and those boards with precision components, which takes advantage of its good electrical conductivity and great solderability. The biggest problem is the point of such substrates "black mat" (BlackPad) problem, so the lead-free process there are many manufacturers do not agree to use, but most domestic manufacturers use this process.

  • Immersion Silver
    Although the "silver" itself has a strong mobility, resulting in the case of the occurrence of leakage, but today's "silver dip" is not simply a conventional metallic silver, but with organic co-plating "organic silver" thus has been able to meet the future demand on the lead-free process, which can be life weldability is also longer than the OSP board.

  • OSP
    OSP process is the lowest cost process,  which is easy to operate, but this process due to be assembly plants to modify the device and the process conditions and heavy industry is poor and therefore popularity still poor, the use of this class of plate, after high-temperature heating, pre-coating on the PAD the protective film is bound to be damaged, resulting in reduced solderability, especially when the substrate after the second reflow situation is more serious, so still need to go through the process if a DIP process, then the end will challenge DIP welded on. It will be challenges welded on.

  • Immersion Tin
    Such substrates easy to pollution, scratches, plus the process (FLUX) oxidation discoloration will occur, most domestic manufacturers do not use this process, the cost is relatively high.


How does MADPCB to assure the pcb board quality?

  • Strictly control the supply of raw materials, eliminating the use of inferior materials, IPC incoming inspection, engineering and technical quality of prenatal attention point meeting to discuss the issue, the process of the first confirmed cases of each process, quality inspection departments to monitor, detect 100% of shipments.


What information do I need to give you to get a quote?

  • Ideally you will supply us with a complete set of Gerber Files (Usually in RS274X Format) and an Excellon Drill File. In addition a profile drawing containing critical dimensions and any special features and materials used would be perfect. In the real world this rarely happens and we can accommodate just about any presentation of data you have. In addition we need to know the quantity of circuits you require and any particular Lead-Times we need to consider.


How long does it take to get a quote?

  • In almost all circumstances we will quote within one day of receiving the enquiry, and usually we would expect to reply within 4 hours.


What’s the Negative Plane Layer?

  • This is the representation of a plane layer in your CAD software, where the background represents copper and the colors in the plane layer represent non-metal areas. (Generally for all other layers, you would want the color to represent the copper traces (ie Positive Format) -- it is only for INNER PLANE layers that we need this negative format). Most CAD software these days by default automatically output INNER PLANE LAYER data in negative format. But please make sure your files are in this format before you send them to us.


Can I cancel my order?

  • Sorry, once your order is placed we immediately panelize it to start manufacturing. We cannot cancel your order. Full charges (except shipping and handling) will apply.


What is the minimum size of letters on legend(/silkscreen layer)?

  • 0.032" is the minimum recommended height and 0.005"is the minimum aperture


What’s your standard laminate thickness?

  • Our standard laminate thickness is 1.6mm (0.062").


Are your boards RoHS compliant?

  • Yes, all our pcb laminate material, manufacturing technology and chemicals are RoHS complicant, which ensures all our pcb boards are RoHS complicant.


Can you manufacture my board from this: BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPG picture?

  • No, as these formats are not good for PCB manufacturing.


My CAD have option to generate the pads as donuts, is it OK to send my files this way?

  • No, please don't send Gerber files with pierced pads because they look good on your monitor, but are not good for manufacturing.


Should I check my Gerber files before sending them for production?

  • We highly recommend you to do it before sending. This step sometimes can save your money and improve work efficiency.


What’s the normal lead time of MADPCB?

  • PCB prototype board:
    1- 2 Layers: 3 to 5 working days
    4-6 Layers : 6 to 8 working days

  • PCB mass production:
    1- 2 Layers: 7 to 12 working days
    4- 6 Layers: 8 to 15 working days

   The final lead time is upon the final confirmed quantity and the circuit board complexity itself.


What's your quickest lead time for prototype pcb?

In MADPCB, we provide this quick pcb service globally. All lead time is counted when the working gerber confirmed. The quickest lead time we can promise as below,


  • Single-sided PCB: 24hours

  • Double-sided PCB: 24hours

  • 4layer: 48hours

  • 6layer: 72hours

  • 8layer: 96hours

  • >10layer: need to be discussed.


No PCB file/Gerber file, but only have the PCB sample, can you produce it for us?

  • Yes, we can. Generally, we call it pcb reverse engineering / pcb clone / pcb copy or pcb regeneration. You only need to ship us the PCB sample (/PCBA sample), then our engineer will anaysize it and re-layout to generate the gerber files through some technological means. Finally, we produce PCB 100% as same as your sample for you.

In MADPCB, we can manufacture all kinds printed circuit boards, incuding double-sided pcb, multi-layer pcb, HDI pcb, buried and blind vias pcb, impedance controlled pcb, high frequency pcb and ect.

Any demand of pcb, don't hesitate to send your pcb files to for a quick review and quote.

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