PCB Reverse Engineering


PCB Reverse Engineering (or PCB clonePCB Copy) is the processes of Gerber files re-generation, BOM re-generation, Schematic re-generation and Chip Program Extract from the PCBA (PCB assembly) sample provided by the customer, and manufacturing the new PCBA Prototype with the same function and appearance. But in MADPCB never provide this technique to help doing illegal copy of products.


4layer PCB Clone


(Pic 1-top layer, .GTL)


(Pic 2-middle layer 1, .GM1)


(Pic 3-middle layer 2, .GM2)


(Pic 4-bottom layer, .GBL)


(Pic 5- Schematic)

PCB Reverse Engineering Services


 BOM Re-generation

 PCB CAD File Re-generation

 Schematic Re-generation

 PCB and PCBA Prototype

 Chip decryption

Reverse Engineering Processes


 Taking photos of the PCBA sample from 2 sides, especially for the component sides

 Removing components from the assembled PCB

 Scanning and saving HD photos of the outer layers

 Digitizing outer layers into Gerber data

 Generating accurate test points

 Extract netlist from bare PCB

 Editing the netlist data upon the BOM provided

 Input netlist into cad software

 Auto route inner layers

 Generating new Gerber Files

 Generating schematics & PCB fabrication drawings

 Generating complete Gerber Files & NC drill

 Put the Gerber Files & drawings into PCB production

 Assembling PCB with components

 Assembled PCBs are now ready for intended applications


In MADPCB, we are always ready to provide PCB clone service and manufacture the qualified prototype PCB assembly to satisfy your unique requirements. Contact at sales@madpcb.com now.