PCB Assembly Services

MADPCB provides full turnkey and partial turnkey PCB Assembly Services. We are professional in both rigid PCB assembly, flex and rigid-flex PCB assembly. Our advanced PCB assembly process ensures that your finished PCB assemblies, no matter prototype PCB assembly, and high volume PCB assembly, are of the highest quality. In Full Turnkey PCB, we handle everything, including fabricating bare printed circuit boards, sourcing components, quality control and final PCB assembly. In Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly, you can source partial components, we will provide the remaining parts, all bare PCBs and assembly for you.

MADPCB is a one-stop PCB manufacturing, assembly and design service provider and supplier with 10+ years of experience in PCB assembly and technologies related to the electronic manufacturing. Our capability enables us a customer-specific production in small or large volumes, and we are able to undertake a high-quality printed circuit board assembly at favorable prices and flexible conditions.

Quick Understanding of Our PCB Assembly (PCBA) Service


Supported Capacities

Types of Assembly

Thru-Hole Assembly

SMT (Surface Mounting Technology)

SMT & Thru-Hole Mixed

Double-sided SMT and Thru-Hole Assembly

Embedded Component Assembly

Min Order Quantity (MOQ)



Passive parts, smallest size 0201

Fine pitch to 0.2mm (8mil)

BGA, μBGA, QFN, POP and Leadless chips

Connectors and terminals

Component Package



Tube and tray

Loose parts and bulk

PCB Size

Recommended Min Panel: 48mm x 48mm (1.89’’ x 1.89’’)

Recommended Max Panel: 250mm x 610mm (9.84’’ x 24’’)

PCB Type


Flexible Circuit

Rigid-Flex PCB


Assembly Process

Lead-Free (RoHS)

Required Files

Gerber RS-274X

BOM (Bill of Materials) (.xls, .csv, .xlsx)

Centroid (Pick-and-Place / XY file) (.txt, .csv)

Assembly Drawing (.pdf) if necessary

Assembly Notes (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt) if necessary


X-ray Inspection

AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)

Functional Testing

Reflow Oven Profile


Customized upon components type, PCB thickness, …


SMD Stencil

SMT Pallet

Testing Fixture

De-paneling Tool

Turnaround Time

2-3 days for only PCB assembly

10-16 days for turnkey PCB assembly


Component Overages and Quantities

The parts quantities required by machine assembly below is for assembling and shipping PCBAs smooth without delay. It also would be for each SMT assembly setup of the feeder and remaining parts will be lost during the removal and re-installations. So, if the PCB assembly job is being set up more than one time or on future runs, additional components (overages) will be required no matter which side will provide the components.

Component Size /Type

Part Qty<20pcs

Parts Qty<50pcs

Parts Qty<100pcs


Order 150pcs or more

Order 200pcs or more

Order 250pcs or more


Order 100pcs or more

Order 150pcs or more

Order 200-250pcs or more


Order 100pcs or more

Order 150pcs or more

Order 200-250pcs or more


Order 100pcs or more

Order 150pcs or more

Order 200-250pcs or more


Order 50pcs or more

Order 100pcs or more

Order 150pcs or more


Order 50pcs or more

Order 100pcs or more

Order 150pcs or more

IC, BGA, QFP, Connectors, Large size, Expensive Parts

Order 1-2pcs

Order 3-5pcs

Order 6-10pcs


PCB Assembly Testing Procedures

  • Various testing method will be applied to the assembled PCB boards before shipping to your hand.

  • Visual Inspection: general quality check

  • FAI (First Article Inspection): full quality check applied to the first PCB to pass through all processes of production

  • X-ray Inspection: Checks for BGAs, QFN and bare printed boards.

  • AOI Inspection: Checks for solder paste, 0201 components, missing components and polarity

  • SPI (Solder Paste Inspection): measures the precise volume of solder paste onto the PAD for SMT assembly

  • Functional Testing: Checks whether the PCBA assembled work as per the indications in your test procedures