Protype PCB Assembly Service

Prototype PCB Assembly (PCBA) is one of our PCB assembly services. With our professional SMT and DIP soldering team, and experienced components sourcing specialists, we provide a reasonable and highly flexible PCB assembly process with fast turnaround. For becoming a leading PCB assembly prototype manufacturer and provider, we are equipped with advanced machines including solder paste printer, solder paste inspection, SMD placement, AOI, X-ray and etc.

At MADPCB, we are capable of handling complete PCB assembly for prototype quantities from 5 to 50pcs boards. Complete PCB assembly service allows us to have complex PCB designs built for testing with high-quality, professional electronic assembly workmanship, so you never have to worry about PCB assembly quality factoring into your test results. Our prototype assembly line has a unique layout design that allows a flexible combination of automated and manual components loading stations. We can also easily solder fine pitch components and BGAs for high density (HDI) PCB boards and flexible printed circuits.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Prototyping

Turnkey PCB Assembly is our main assembly business, even in the prototyping stage. With our expertise and resources, we do everything for you from PCB prototyping, components sourcing, and circuit board assembly under one roof. We accept assembly project from full turnkey, partial turnkey (consigned or kitted) parts. Of course, you can choose any assembly service from us, while, we prefer providing turnkey assembly service. Reasons are listed below:

For preventing from the hassle of sourcing electronic components, and leaving your time and energy for focusing on your design instead, our components sourcing team will deal with as many components distributors as is needed to fulfill the parts procurement job in the best possible way. Taking parts quantities required for feeder uploading and parts costs into consideration, we will optimize the electronic component overages and sourcing quantities of the packaging, like Tape, Cut-Tape, Reel, Tube and etc. When it comes to PCB assembly prototypes, the components quantities in the Bill of Materials (BOM) are small, the main considerations we will take include lower BOM Cost and fast PCB assembly turnaround. What’s more, our parts souring team has ability to give alternative parts when the required parts in the BOM is no longer available and no production plan by the original manufacturers.

Same Components Sourcing as BOM specified

Keeping the sourced part numbers with original manufacturers as same as those specified in your BOM is our constant pursuit. Submitting your prototype assembly projects to us, here is no danger of parts quality issues caused by unauthorized alternatives. We never make any part changes of your BOM without your prior written approval. Only in way, the PCB assembly we built can be promised as the same your design. Finding a reliable PCB assembly manufacturer and supplier in prototyping and high-volume production is not easy, but customers who work with us feel happy with the results, and benefit more than what they expect. Building your proto PCB assembly in our facility, our turnkey service will promise you no any failure risk compared to other PCB assembly providers.

Proto PCB Assembly Cost

Do you know a proto CB assembly cost? The total turnkey cost of a certain prototype quantity will be the sum of the PCB Cost, PCB Assembly Cost, BOM Cost and SMD Stencil Cost. Want to get a quick quote of PCB prototype manufacturing and Prototype PCB assembly? Prepare the Gerber file and BOM and send to us, the “PCB + Components + Assembly” cost will be offered as accurate and reasonable as possible in as short as12-48 hours. The component prices will be simply be our cost from Digi-key, Mouser, Element 14, Avnet, Arrow, Future, Newark or a specified active and passive distributor. If you want to consign some parts, like programmed chips or enclosure, please specify in the BOM.

Quick Turnkey Assembly Turnaround

At MADPCB, we totally understand quick PCB prototype assembly turnaround and shipping on time are very important for customers, so we have tailored our turnkey PCB assembly service as efficient as possible. After DFM check is done, PCB manufacturing will be started as soon as components sourcing is processed. During this period, we will prepare the PCB engineering questions (EQ) and collect the component issues for you before PCB assembling process. For quality guarantee, the sufficient and smooth communication on your electronic assembly project is really necessary. And this is also the best time to understand MADPCB better.

When all preparations, including bare PCBs, IPQC passed parts, stencil and SMT machine set-up, are completed, the PCB assembly has just started. The turnkey PCB assembly usually take 14 days; less if there are no hard-to-find components or documentation errors.

How to Get PCB Assembly Prototype Quote?

Want to get a prototype assembly quote form MADPCB, just send us the following files

  • Gerber files

  • BOM

  • PCBA Quantities