Gerber and PCB File Format

Printed circuit boards are designed on a specialized electronic design automation (EDA) or a computer-added design (CAD) system. The software has its own PCB data or common data for manufacturing FR4 PCB, Flex Circuit, Flex-Rigid PCB and metal core PCB (MCPCB).

What Are Gerber Files?

The mostly common and widely accepted for PCB fabrication is Gerber files, which is compressed in a zip or rar folder. The Gerber format is an open ASCII vector format for 2D binary images. There are 2 major generations of Gerber format: Extended Gerber, and RS-274X. This is the current Gerber formats. In 2014, the graphics format was extended with the option to add meta-information to the graphics objects. Files with attributes are called X2 files; those without attributes are X1 files.

Gerber Files Extension:

File Extension



Aperture File


Aperture File


Extension Report of Gerber Files


Report of Individual Layer Used Aperture List


DRC Rules


Keep Out Layer


Top Overlay


Bottom Overlay


Pad Master Top


Pad Master Bottom


Top Solder


Bottom Solder


Top Layer


Bottom Layer


Top Paste


Bottom Paste

.G1, .G2, etc.

Mid-layer 1, 2, etc.

.GP1, .GP2, etc.

Internal Plane Layer 1, 2, etc.

.P01, .P02, etc.

Gerber Panels

.GM1, .GM2, etc.

Mechanical Layer 1, 2, etc.

.GD1, .GD2, etc.

Drill Drawing

.GG1, .GG2, etc.

Drill Guide


Drill Data


Drill Position


Drill Tool Size


Layer Pairs Export File for PCB


Accepted formats

Altium Designer






* We support these top paid layout software.

PCB Design Software Support:



Altium Designer



Mentor Graphics

Allegro & OrCAD




No matter which PCB layout software you use, and no matter which PCB file format you adopt, all PCB files provided to the PCB manufacturers will be converted to Gerber format for printed circuit boards fabrication. All PCB manufacturers prefer Gerber files provided by customers, but MADPCB also supports original PCB files.