Special Offer for High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB and PCB Assembly

As one of the excellent Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers China in the PCB Manufacturing, Assembly and Design, we work to deliver one-stop Printed Circuit Boards Service, and make it helpful for customers’ PCB and PCBA prototypes to high volume project.


It is the middle day of the year 2017. We insist in providing PCB fab and prototype assembly under one roof. For thanks the trust and support from our new and regular customers, MAD PCB announces the first Special Offer for HDI PCBs & PCB Assembly from today June 15th to 30th– Order your printed circuit board fabrication and assembly to receive


1. Free PCB E-test by Flying Probe and 10% off by E-test Fixture

2. 10% off SMT Set-up


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